Warranty Policy

All of our paddle boards come with a 1-year warranty that covers defects or flaws due to manufacturing or workmanship. The warranty does not cover, accessories nor does it include damage caused by normal wear and tear, cuts, abrasions, scrapes, or damage resulting from improper use, treatment, or storage. Boards deemed defective and slated for replacement must either be decommissioned or returned before a refund or replacement can be issued. Please refer to the user guide or get in contact for more information. Please contact us to initiate a claim; these are subject to our Return Policy and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Relief under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of defective materials or workmanship only. We shall not be held liable for incidental or consequential damage to personal property from, but not limited to, defective unit, improper use, abuse, accident, or neglect, etc. We shall not be responsible for any damage or loss other than for the product purchased. It is the customer’s responsibility to prevent misuse of the equipment and to replace parts when due to the natural course of wear and tear they must be replaced. No warranty will apply to items which have been used for purposes not intended, or which have been altered so as, in the manufacturer’s judgment, to affect adversely its performance. We are not able to warranty issues that have been modified or repaired without our discretion or direction. This warranty is for the original retail purchaser only and cannot be transferred to used products. Renewed or refurbished items, Amazon Warehouse Deals, eBay, craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and other vendors of used products do not constitute a retail sale, and these are not covered by the warranty.