Cottonwood Paddle User Manual

Packing List

Package Includes:
Inflatable board x 1
Pack bag x 1
Double action pump x 1
Adjustable paddle x 1
Removable fins x 3
Safety Leash x 1
Repair kits x 1


Warm Reminder

 A long-lasting ISUP needs your careful care, tips below worth your attention:

  • PSI <= 15 PSI (Please pay more attention to the pressure when using the electric pump, do not over-inflate).
  • Pump using instruction: the side marked with "OUT" is for inflation, other side marked with "IN" is for deflation, which can extract the air out quickly only when the pressure reaches to certain amount of PSI will the pressure gauge perceive it and push the pointer to move/spin, normally 5 PSI),
  • Avoid long time constant overexposure to sun to protect the SUP from warping.
  • Trim your dog's nails or put a traction pad on if he stands in front of the ISUP paddleboard to avoid scratches.
  • Storage: rinse your board with fresh water, dry completely, fin off, store deflated and out of the sun 





 Valve & Fin Introduction

The plastic nib in lower position is for deflation, keep in the upper position is for inflation as

well as avoid air-leak, please see the diagrammatic illustration on the right.


Cases need your attention:

  •  1.When there is air-leak from the valve or if the air can not be inflated into the ISUP,  check the position of the plastic nib first, keep it in the upper position. If it's ok,  follow case 
  • The valve may some times loosen, use the wrench to tighten it.
  • If the valve is broken, you can also use the wrench to replace it.


See Details From Diagram Below


 If you have questions, feel free to email