Calculating Feel
Feel = Flex + Rake + Foil
  • Fin flex is the amount of movement of a fin from side so side. The stiffer the fin is, the less movement from side to side it will have, and thus the less Flex
    • Stiff Fins
      • Reaches maximum flex during a turn
      • Releases quicker, leading to quicker turns.
      • Has less drive.


  • The sweep, or rake, is how far the front edge of a fin arcs backwards. Rake or sweep angle is a measurement that determines how far back the fin curves in relation to its base.


  • Fin foil determines the volume of a fin as well as how the water moves past your fins' sides. Fin Cant is the degree of outward angle a fin has in relation to the bottom of your paddle board. If a fin has zero cant, its position is straight up and down at a right angle to your board.