Cottonwood Paddle Co. was born out of a pregnant pandemic. When my wife got pregnant in early 2020 (woo-hoo!!), we were not only looking for activities that were pregnancy friendly that we could do as a family, we were also looking to spend as much time outside as possible in beautiful places. We hit to the waters and never looked back.

After talking to all of our friends who were avid-paddle boarders, and realizing some serious (literal) holes with our own boards, we realized that the paddle boards currently on the market fit into three categories: 1. overpriced 2. ugly 3. low-quality. In some cases, all three! Did it have to be this way? We surely didn't think so. 

Cottonwood Paddle Co. was created because we knew paddle boarding should be an approchable sport. Finding a high-quality board, with a cool graphic, that doesn't cost and arm and leg, isn't a pipe-dream (anymore!). 

Spending many years surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding inspired us to create a designs that bring you joy when you look down at your feet. So many other designs out there today lack the free-spirited, free and relaxing vibe, that is adventure paddleboarding with your friends.

Action sports also inspired us to create boards that are specific for the type of paddle boarding you're going to do. Just like you wouldn't use your backcountry split board in the terrain park, we wanted to create board specific for the type of paddle board you do: lakes, rivers and surfing/touring.

We love the community, adventure the competitive nature of paddle boarding. We're thrilled you're here checking us out. Please send us any feedback you have, as we want to grow this thing together! 

Thanks for joining us on the ride and see you out there,